Prostate Cancer Incidence in Calabar - Nigeria

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G. A. Ebughe
I. A. Ekanem
O. E. Omoronyia
M. A. Nnoli
E. E. Ikpi
T. I. Ugbem


Aim: The aim of this study is to determine the incidence of prostate cancer in men living in Calabar- Nigeria, which has not been determined up till now.

Study Design: A trend analysis of prostate cancer cases in Calabar between 1st January 2004 to 31st December 2013.

Place and Duration of Study: Calabar cancer registry, May to June 2015.

Methodology: Record of prostate cancer cases in the Calabar cancer registry between 1st January  2004 and 31st December 2013,was accessed. The patients age, sex, place domiciled in the last one year; whether rural or urban as well as prostate cancer topography and morphology were obtained and analyzed. The population of males domiciled in Calabar was determined using the 2006 national population census data and 3.0% population growth as specified by the national population commission. Excluded are all male genital tract cancers outside prostate cancer .The data was subjected to statistical analysis using SPSS version 21.

Results: Two hundred and seventy nine (279) prostate cancer cases were seen, with mean (SD) age of subjects being 64.2 (9.5) years, with a range 40 to 95 years. About 249 cases (89.3%) occurred in those who are 55 years or older at time of diagnosis, with the commonest age group being 60-64 years. The age specific incidence of prostate cancer is 89 per 100,000, both crude and adjusted incidence rates were highest in 2012 (69.4 and 97.4 per 100,000, respectively). There was significant decrease in incidence rates in the initial five years (2004-2008), and increase in rates in the following five years of study (2009-2013). Within the 5-year period from 2004 to 2008, there was an average annual decrease in incidence rate of 9.63% (95% CI: 6.1%-12.8%). However, within the 5-year period from 2009 to 2013, there was an average annual increase in incidence rate of 11.95% (95%CI: 8.72% to 13.04%).

Conclusion: This epidemiologic study demonstrate the incidence of prostate cancer in Calabar, Nigeria, with a predominance of patients in the 60- 64 years age group. West African states have to scale up population screening and study of this neoplasm.

Calabar, prostate cancer, incidence, males

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Ebughe, G. A., Ekanem, I. A., Omoronyia, O. E., Nnoli, M. A., Ikpi, E. E., & Ugbem, T. I. (2016). Prostate Cancer Incidence in Calabar - Nigeria. Journal of Advances in Medicine and Medical Research, 14(5), 1-10.
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