Increasing Role of Magnetic Resonance in Diagnosis and Prognosis of Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricle Dysplasia/Cardiomyopathy

Sílvia Aguiar Rosa, Susana Castela, Pedro Matos, Manuel Nogueira da Silva, Nuno Jalles Tavares

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Urinary Bladder a Storeroom: Electric Wire This Time – A Case Report

Rahul Jain, Vidhya Gunasekaran, Dharmender Aggarwal, Sushanto Neogi, Ruchi Jain

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A Study of High Sensitivity C - reactive Protein in Cerebrovascular Accident

C. Jayabhaskar, M. Ramadevi, N. Sreelalitha

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Histological and Aminotransferase Implications of Administration of Extracts of Acalypha wilkesiana Leaves in Normal Rabbits

Omage Kingsley, Azeke A. Marshall, Orhue N. E. Jerry, Iseghohi O. Sylvia

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A Simple Method to Forecast Future Bed Requirements: A Pragmatic Alternative to Queuing Theory

Neeraj Beeknoo, Rodney P. Jones

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Comparing Subcuticular Sutures versus Percutaneous Staples for Skin Closure after Caesarean Delivery: A Randomized Controlled Study

L. C. Ikeako, E. I. Iloghalu, C. C. Dim, A. C. Adiuku-Brown, H. U. Ezegwui, C. K. Oranusi

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Correlation of Platelet Distribution Width [PDW], Mean Platelet Volume [MPV] and Red Cell Distribution Width [RDW] with Serum Blood Sugar Levels: A Case- control Study in the West Luck Now Population

Neema Tiwari, Seema Singh, Ritu Karoli, Sunita Tiwari, Faraz Ahmad, Harshit Jain, Nitin Ranjan Gupta, Arvind Kumar

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Risk Factors Associated with Hypertension among Adults in the Hohoe Municipality, Ghana

Sedoafia Amelor, Margaret Kweku, Eric Agboli, Isaac Agbemafle, Wisdom Takramah, Elvis Tarkang, Wisdom Kudzo Axame, Prince Kubi Appiah, Fred Newton Binka

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Association of Serum Soluble Endoglin Levels with Adverse Foetomaternal Outcome in Preeclampsia and Eclampsia

Rekha Sachan, Munna Lal Patel, Pratima Verma, Soniya Dheeman, Pooja Gupta

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