Nigerian Genres of Music could be a Therapeutic Stratagem against Alcohol-induced Hippocampal Damage in Experimental Models: Evidences from Neurobehavioural, Oxidative Markers, Histochemical and Pyramidal Cell Evaluations

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A. O. Ajeleti
G. G. Akunna
O. Olabiyi
O. Balogun
O. H. Ayoade
V. O. Adewale


Introduction: Memory is a cognitive function essential to everyday life. Alcohol causes damage to the hippocampus. Music (especially Mozart music) has been reported to enhance memory function.

Aim: This study investigated the possible role of different genres of Nigerian music (Afro-Hiphop and Fuji) on alcohol-induced hippocampal toxicity.

Methodology: Thirty-six (36) Adult Wistar rats (105 g-160 g) were randomly distributed into 6 groups. Group A were administered 5 ml/kg b.wt. of distilled water everyday for 28 days. Group B rats were administered 5 ml/kg b.wt. of alcohol (20%) for 2 weeks. However for the first 2 weeks, the rats in Groups C and D were administered 5 ml/kg b.wt. of alcohol (20%) and the rats in Groups E and F were exposed to Nigerian Fuji and hip hop music at 75dB-83dB respectively for 4 hours daily. For the last 2 weeks, the rats in C and D were exposed to Nigerian hip hop and fuji music respectively 75dB-83dB, for 4 hours daily and the rats in Group E and F were administered 5 ml/kg b.wt of alcohol.

Results: Higher memory capacity, oxidative status and normal histo-architecture of the hippocampus in group A rats were recorded. However, Group B rats showed a non-significant (p≥0.05) increase in body weight, higher and lower memory capacity as shown by Morris water maze test and Y-Maze respectively, significant decrease (p≤0.05) in oxidative stress markers (SOD, CAT, GSH) and a significant (p≤0.05) increase in MDA and Acetylcholinesterase, structural distortion and neuronal degeneration as evident by a significant (p≤0.05) decrease in number of pyramidal cells when compared to the rats in groups A, C-F. The rats in group C-F had changes in their memory capacity at the 14th and 28th day.

Conclusion: Music (AfroHip-Hop and Fuji) improved the histo-architecture of alcohol-distorted hippocampus in rats. However they do not have a definite effect on spatial memory.

Memory, neurobehaviour, Nigeria, Hiphop, music, Fuji, alcohol, Hippocampus.

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Ajeleti, A. O., G. Akunna, G., Olabiyi, O., Balogun, O., H. Ayoade, O., & O. Adewale, V. (2020). Nigerian Genres of Music could be a Therapeutic Stratagem against Alcohol-induced Hippocampal Damage in Experimental Models: Evidences from Neurobehavioural, Oxidative Markers, Histochemical and Pyramidal Cell Evaluations. Journal of Advances in Medicine and Medical Research, 32(1), 9-20.
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