ABC’s of Publishing a Scientific Paper in a Journal for the Novice Researchers

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Sagili Chandrasekhara Reddy
K. Ambigga


Writing a scientific paper, choosing a journal, submitting/uploading the paper in the journal website, the peer review process, revising the paper based on the reviewer's comments, and galley proofreading after the acceptance of the paper are the essential components of publishing a paper. Publishing is the ultimate goal of all researchers. Writing a scientific paper requires an extensive literature search, collection of reference articles, acquisition of data of research work, analysis of data and discussing the results comparing with other findings published in similar papers. The final version of the paper should be read by all authors and approved before the submission of the manuscript. One has to select the journal and edit the paper as per the author's instructions of that journal before submission. The article will be reviewed by two experts in that field and they will send their comments about the contents of the paper. The comments should be answered point by point, and the revised paper should be sent again to the editor. If required one has to be prepared to do more than one revision of the paper. If the paper is rejected, one should not be disappointed. You can further improve the quality of the paper by including the answers for the deficiencies and send the revised paper to another suitable journal. Finally, when it is accepted, the galley proof of the article should be read carefully and send the corrected proof to the editor in-time. The 'pdf' copy of the published paper should be kept for sending a copy to the people who request a reprint of your article.

Writing a paper, publishing a paper, journal, case report, structure of a paper, review process, reasons for rejection, rebuttal letter.

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Chandrasekhara Reddy, S., & Ambigga, K. (2020). ABC’s of Publishing a Scientific Paper in a Journal for the Novice Researchers. Journal of Advances in Medicine and Medical Research, 32(1), 80-88.
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