Electrochemically Activated Water Catholyte for the Activation of Hydrogen Ions and ATP for Sport’s Shape and Recovery

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Ignat Ignatov
Nezabravka Gencheva
Todor Marinov
Iliana Yaneva
Mariana Angelcheva
Georgi Dinkov
Ivan Angushev


The biological processes of a human body occur in liquid medium. The human body contains around 55-60% of water in young people. At birth the percentage is around 75%, and in elderly people it is - 50-55% (by weight). The state of water in the body of athletes is an indicator for their status during physical exertion and recovery. Dehydration is a natural process developing during the period of training and football match, which influences the functioning of the locomotor, nervous, respiratory and cardio-vascular systems.

The research of Ivaylo Yakimov for the period 2014-2019 from Bulgarian football players confirmed the importance of the requirement for the footballers to start physical workload optimally hydrated, in order to slow down and decrease the influence of the negative effects from the inevitable dehydration during a football match. Yakimov is а medical doctor in the football team Ludogorets.

One of the co-authors considers the possibility for hydration and recovery to be done using water with hydrogen index pH over 8.5, and a negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP). The results show that footballers, who drink Catholyte water have better heart indicators compared to the ones they would have if they drink table water. Analyses are conducted of processes in ATP and mitochondria in the cell for faster achieving of maximum sports performance and recovery.

Water catholyte, sport shape, recovery, ATP.

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Ignatov, I., Gencheva, N., Marinov, T., Yaneva, I., Angelcheva, M., Dinkov, G., & Angushev, I. (2020). Electrochemically Activated Water Catholyte for the Activation of Hydrogen Ions and ATP for Sport’s Shape and Recovery. Journal of Advances in Medicine and Medical Research, 32(4), 112-119. https://doi.org/10.9734/jammr/2020/v32i430407
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