A Prospective Comparative Study: Stapler Hemorrhoidopexy vs Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty in the Treatment of Hemorrhoids

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Anshuman Kaushal
Aakanksha Aggarwal
Amanpriya Khanna
Rajesh Agarwal
Dhruv N. Kundra
T. K. Thusoo


Aims: Stapler hemorrhoidopexy (SH) has evolved over time as a procedure of choice over conventional surgery due to less postoperative pain. Laser hemorrhoidoplasty (LH) is a novel procedure aimed at shrinking the terminal branches of hemorrhoidal arteries with fewer complications. The present study is aimed to compare these procedures (SH and LH).

Study Design: Prospective comparative study.

Place and Duration of Study: Patients operated for hemorrhoids at the Department of General, MI & Bariatric Surgery, Artemis Hospitals, Gurgaon from April 2018 to March 2019.

Methodology: 50 patients with grade II-III hemorrhoids were allocated to two groups: Stapler hemorrhoidopexy (SH) and Laser hemorrhoidoplasty (LH) with 25 patients in each group. Results were compared and patients were followed up for minimum period of 3 months.

Results: The mean operative time was 24.6 min (LH) and 28.6 min (SH) (P =.122). The average blood loss was 8.32 ml (LH) and 11.64 ml (SH) (P <.05). The mean hospital stay 21.44 hours (LH) and 32.64 hours (SH) (P <.05). Mean postoperative pain score (VAS) at 12 hours was 2.64 (LH) and 4.76 (SH) (P <.05), at 24 hours was 1.88 (LH) and 3.6 (SH) (P <.05), at 1 week was 0.36 (LH) and 0.88 (SH) (P =.054) and at 3 months 0.04 (LH) and 0.12 (SH) (P =.53). One patient in LH (4%) had postoperative bleeding on 4th postoperative day. In SH group, 2 (8%) had severe postoperative pain with VAS > 8, requiring longer hospital stay, 2 (8%) had bleeding on the same day, 1 (4%) had bleeding on follow up and 1 (4%) had recurrence.

Conclusion: In terms of early postoperative pain and complications, LH offers better results as compared to SH. It was associated with a shorter hospital stay and early return to work. No significant complications were noted in LH compared to SH. LH is an extremely viable alternative to the popular SH for grade II-III hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids, stapler hemorrhoidopexy, laser hemorrhoidoplasty, anal canal, anorectal diseases.

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Kaushal, A., Aggarwal, A., Khanna, A., Agarwal, R., Kundra, D. N., & Thusoo, T. K. (2020). A Prospective Comparative Study: Stapler Hemorrhoidopexy vs Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty in the Treatment of Hemorrhoids. Journal of Advances in Medicine and Medical Research, 32(9), 10-23. https://doi.org/10.9734/jammr/2020/v32i930477
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